2th Serbian Congress on diabetes in children

Aranđelovac, 22.-24. April 2020.

∗ The author can appear as the first author in two work;

∗ Introduction, aim, material and method of work, results and conclusion are the basic elements of the summary;

∗ Only send the summaries by e-mail to the address

∗ Name the file name. doc (without the use of the words Latin of ĊÐ, žŽ, ćĆ, ĉĈ, or the letters of the cirilic!).

If you are the first author in several works at the end of the name of the file add number marks 1, 2…

Abstract write in Microsoft Word;

The text must have our letters (ĊÐ, žŽ, ćĆ, ĉĈ using the English (Latin) character layout);

Use the font Times New Roman size 12, Regular,  for a title-size 16 pt, Bold;

The style and font in the following is not changed  not using Bold, Italic, or Underline;

Please provide at the beginning of the work all the information requested by the first author or author (as in the example) so that we can contact you if necessary.

After the title of the author’s name work, write as follows: Surname I. (tj. Petrović P, Mladenović M.);

Write the names of the institutions in the following way: Niš Health Center, Zemun Clinical Center;

If the authors are from different institutions, mark the Superscript number with the name of the author (Mladenović M2), and the institution where she works at the beginning of her name (2Health Center Zemun);

A work can have up to 300 words;

After receiving your summary email, you will receive an email with a unique three-digit code for your abstract. This code will be in the Subject of all subsequent emails (except circular) and serve to identify your further queries or notifications to the organizer about the status of your abstract, and also there will  be confirmation that the abstract has been included in the further procedure. If you do not receive this code, please send us an e-mail request to receive your abstract.

In the further procedure, the Scientific Committee will inform you of the acceptance of the paper and the manner of presentation.



Autor: prof. dr Petar Petrović

Institucija Kliniĉki centar Niš

Adresa: Bul. Zorana ĐinĊića 48, Niš


Telefon: 018 123 456, 063 123 45 67


The title of the work

Petrović P1, Mladenović M.2

1Kliniĉki centar Niš

2Dom zdravlja Zemun

Introduction: Writing work in Serbian – Latin script.

Objective: The style and size of the font below does not change.


Material and Methods: From MUST download the template (template) – Surname Name.doc which contains all the necessary elements for the technical realization of the abstract.

The combination of the <CTRL> + <SHIFT> + <+> keys let you automatically adjust the 1.2, … markers used to indicate the names of authors and institutions.

Results: Tables can be used, but not charts, pictures, …

Conclusion: There can be a maximum of 300 words from the beginning of the introduction to the end of the conclusion.

Thank you.